As homeschoolers ourselves, we have developed a program which has been attractive to a number of homeschooling groups.

The idea behind Crime Scene Camps is to expose children to an exciting area of science that is often neglected in traditional and non-traditional curricula because it crosses so many boundaries while rarely holding its own place, even at universities.  Crime Scene Investigation (CSI) involves almost every scientific field, not to mention several fields in the social sciences and humanities (psychology, geography, anthropology, and history to name a few). 

CSI provides families with a unique opportunity as well because it allows everyone to be inquisitive, whether in a prepared setting or simply when one sees something out of place in the home.  Children who have gone through this program have exhibited some fascinating uses of what they have learned.  Some adults have expressed interest as well due to the popularity of various television programs (notably CSI and its clones) which we even discuss at times to show participants what is done correctly or incorrectly in popular presentations of CSI work.

The enthusiasm of homeschoolers has led to a new way to offer CSI programs.  Instead of setting up sessions for the general public and hoping that they coincide with homeschoolers’ schedules, we can set up sessions with a homeschooling group and avoid scheduling conflicts.

There are two general types of sessions:

  1. Thematic Sessions cover specific types of evidence, with emphasis on the nature of the evidence, collection procedures, and uses of the evidence.  We can arrange for any types of evidence in each session.  Your group will have total control of the topics we cover.  We can make suggestions and indicate which areas have been most popular with the kids, but we want you to know that we can tailor the program to mesh with other activities or academic subjects you are covering.
  2. Crime Scene Sessions involve a pre-arranged scene into which the kids go to collect evidence and solve a mystery.  This type of session is generally better after one or more Thematic Sessions are held.  We can tailor the evidence at the "scene" based on the Thematic Session(s) that the kids have taken.

Please contact us about arranging a CSI experience for your homeschooling group.

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