Adult Programs




Adult Forensic Science programs are ideal for anyone who is interested in the subject, including:


  • Writers who want to add details to their mysteries
  • Fans of the crime scene investigation shows that are currently on television
  • Mystery readers who want to understand more about how evidence collection works
  • People interested in unsolved (or possibly incorrectly solved) crimes from the past


The adult programs will start with an introduction to a wide range of evidence types and activities to practice evidence collection.  The group will examine how evidence is left, how criminals attempt to avoid leaving evidence, and brainstorm ideas to collect evidence in new ways.  We will discuss questioning of suspects and the use of evidence in court.


One thing that I am adding is very exciting.  We will look at "forensic history" in which we examine cases from the past and try to find evidence that may have been missed.  People are always looking into the Jack the Ripper case, trying to figure out his true identity.  Could someone in this class find a hidden piece of evidence?  Did Jimi Hendrix die of an overdose or was he murdered?  How about the Jon Benet Ramsey case in Colorado.  Did investigators mishandle notes found at the scene and disregard evidence of an intruder?  We'll look at these questions and many others.

Where will these programs occur?

I am currently scheduling these programs in the Northeast.  If you would like to suggest a city, please e-mail me at


  • If you would like to register for one of these programs, please go to the "Register" page for instructions.