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 Upcoming Programs

There are two programs being scheduled for the Capital District.  Both are Advanced Forensic Science programs.   

Advanced Forensic Science Program:  It is not necessary to go through the Basic Program first.  This program includes 3 sessions that will take place over 3 Fridays (January 14 and 28 and February 4).  

  • Sessions 1: This session introduces evidence (fingerprints, shoe prints/impressions, tire evidence, tool marks, blood, hair and trace evidence, paint transfer, ink and document analysis, linguistic analysis, handwriting analysis, sound evidence, and the uses of other sciences (geology, botany, entomology, palynology) in forensic science.  We will look at how to determine areas within a site where evidence is most likely to be found and how to handle evidence to protect its integrity.
  • Session 2:  This session will complete the introduction to evidence.  This session will also introduce questioning of suspects and handling of evidence to maintain its integrity.
  • Session 3:  This session will be a mock crime scene.  The participants will collect and analyze evidence.  There will be premade test result reports that will be provided if the "investigators" can provide a solid reason that they need a test performed.  Finally, the students will question "suspects" and solve the crime.  They will determine which suspect(s) to charge and what crimes were committed.


I will also arrange a visit to see a trial and families who register for this program can decide if they want to do this extra activity which will include kids from my late fall programs in the Capital District.


The Advanced Program is intended for ages 11 and up.  I am always flexible with ages because I recognize that a mix of ages brings a mix of insights, and that kids rarely fit into categories based on their ages.  The cost for this program is $125.  Additional children in the same family will receive a 20% discount.

Want more information?

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  • If you would like to register for either program, please visit the "Registration" page.  You can either use the registration form there, or e-mail me the information in a separate e-mail.  I now accept PayPal for registrations to make the process easier, and I also accept checks for payment.